This week of Veterans Day, we gratefully remember America’s soldiers, those who continue to heroically serve for our safety and freedom. 

How can we thank them?

While there is nothing that will totally repay the debt we owe, there is one area that could certainly be improved, both in memory of those lost and in continued appreciation to veterans and those still serving:

They should not have to worry about good K-12 education for their kids.

Yes, the GI Bill has provided amazing benefits to service members and their immediate families…but that’s for college. The federal Impact Aid program, which provides tax dollars for the schooling of military children in K-12, is not quite so flexible. And, children of disabled or deceased veterans have the same problem…the main scholarships available to them are for college, not K-12 education.

Children of all military members—fallen, veteran, MIA, or still in action—still do not have access to the education benefits and school choice options that should be available to them. In fact, in 2017, a Military Times survey found that 35% of parents in the military considered dissatisfaction with their kids’ education options to be a key factor in their choice to re-enlist or not. And, according to a 2019 survey by EdChoice, the vast majority of military members want more school choice.

While many people can choose what school district they live in, our military members cannot.

While some parents can choose to allocate their child’s public education funds to other education options, most of our soldiers cannot. 

This, as we celebrate the beautiful gift of freedom secured for us by our brave men and women in uniform, let’s also pursue freedom for their children’s futures by providing better options for our military families.