What happens when we don’t stand up? Well, maybe we’re experiencing the consequences right now.

In September, NWEF held an awareness luncheon titled, “Our Children & Country” where concerned citizens, school board members, and parents gathered to learn more about the mission, vision, and impact of Noah Webster Educational Foundation. Today’s episode gives a sneak peak of the great content that was shared by two of our speakers, Senator Bill Stanley and our founder and host, Melvin Adams.

“My father died a month after I graduated from college. Education was everything to him. And I’ll always remember his words to me…He said, ‘Son, whatever you do with the talents you were granted, and the ability God leads you in, if what you do using those talents changes the life of one person, you’ve changed their world. And in turn, you have changed the world.’” — Senator Bill Stanley

Bill and Melvin talk about:

  • Why it’s important to hold public office in America today and why we, as American citizens, are stuck in a modern lethargy, letting the media and the radicals control society
  • The infamous Loudoun County incident, involving a man named Scott Smith, who stood up against dangerous transgender policies, and how Stanley, an attorney, was able to turn the case in Mr. Smith’s favor
  • How, if we are inactive, trans equity policy, explicit sexual content, and racism will continue to run rampant in schools
  • Why the Noah Webster Educational Foundation “breaks the cycle” of inactivity by teaching everyone to be an activist for education and returning to, and educating people on, the foundational principles of a good society
  • Parents’ desire to leave their children a better world. Do we want to leave them a world rife with social experimentation, lawlessness, and division over ideologies? Or a world that hearkens back to the founders, where we can speak, believe, and worship as we like?
  • The two key elements to understanding and improving education: leadership and legislation 
  • Collaboration as the key to good politics, to promote ideas and actions, to mobilize people, and bring people together with common goals
  • And finally, Melvin wraps up with a recap on specific topics and programs NWEF is focusing on

If you like what you’re hearing, stay tuned for our next episode on The State of Education with Melvin Adams.

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