Join Melvin Adams, NWEF’s founder, as he lectures on leadership, legislature, and the responsibility of school board members.

What is the role of government in education? And how do school board members, as a governmental body, make a healthy impact on their communities? It’s questions like these that Melvin Adams is passionate about finding answers to—and guiding people to make a difference in education. Listen in on today’s special episode from Melvin’s lecture at NWEF’s School Board Summit this year to learn more about the five core principles of education and how they can help school board members orient their mindset.

“[T]he purpose of education is three-fold: to impart knowledge, to develop character, and to equip students for a useful place in society.” — Melvin Adams, founder of Noah Webster Educational Foundation

Melvin discusses:

  • Being a leader, the important of having a network to support you, and keeping in touch with your community to avoid many of the mistakes school board members make after their first year in office
  • Why do we educate children? What changes need to be made, or what needs to stay the same?
  • How Noah Webster influenced America and made a massive impact on the first core principle of education, instruction
  • Why parental involvement should be important to school board members; parents are the best advocates that children have
  • Two problems in the current school system: 1) the government trying to do everything (and as a result, getting nothing done), and 2) parents don’t have initiative
  • What should the role of government in education really look like? Melvin says this is something that board members should figure out because they are members of the government
  • The proper role of faith and morality in education
  • Why money is not the solution to issues in our school system; for instance, when a school pours money into shiny new facilities, they are only putting a bandage on something that may be a root problem

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