Do teachers unions serve as advocates for educators… or are they just bullies?

Melvin’s guest today is experienced educator Rebecca Friedrichs. In 2018, Rebecca helped fight and win a federal case that overturned laws forcing educators to join teachers’ unions. Since then, she has been a strong voice for teachers’ rights in the classroom, school options, and reversing the moral decline in America’s schools and culture. 

“The unions work to divide parents and teachers to make us hate each other. To divide the children, to divide the children from their parents. We need to fight to bring parents and teachers and kids back together again.” — Rebecca Friedrichs, educator

Here are a few of the topics Melvin and Rebecca cover in today’s episode:

  • The biggest challenges facing teachers today are from teacher’s unions. Unions are run by special-interest groups and push dangerous agendas on teachers and children, yet most teachers don’t know that there’s a way out.
  • How Rebecca and her colleagues won a lawsuit against the State of California to end forced unionism for government employees
  • Her organization, For Kids and Country, and its mission to educate people on the agendas of teacher’s unions and restore the education system to America’s original core values
  • How non-teachers can “adopt a teacher”
  • Where teachers can find legal support when fighting against unions
  • The impact of COVID-19 school closures and how it helped parents and teachers to finally recognize government overreach
  • A parent’s authority role in their children’s education and in protecting their children from lies taught in schools

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