Podcast Ep. 19 “Freeing Teachers from Usurping Unions” with Guest Rebecca Friedrichs

Do teachers unions serve as advocates for educators… or are they just bullies? Melvin’s guest today is experienced educator Rebecca Friedrichs. In 2018, Rebecca helped fight and win a federal case that overturned laws forcing educators to join teachers’ unions. Since then, she has been a strong voice for teachers’ rights in the

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Podcast Ep. 18 “Age-Appropriate Sex Education in the Classroom” with Guest Lori Kuykendall

  Is graphic sexual education in the classroom ever justified…or are political ideologies treating students like lab rats?  Today, our guest is Lori Kuykendall, President of Beacon Health Resources in Dallas, Texas. In this episode, Melvin and Lori discuss the differences between information and ideology, how education is a preventive measure, and the relevance

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Podcast Ep. 17 “The Secret Danger of Soft Bigotry” with Guest Marquell Moorer

On today’s episode, Melvin interviews Marquell Moorer, who was recently elected to his local school board in April 2022. Marquell shares how he struggled in the school system as a child and how his struggles continued upon entering college. He believes lowering education standards is a dangerous form of “soft bigotry” which promotes the

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Podcast Ep. 14 “Deep Equity: Something Doesn’t Add Up” with Guest Shelly Norden

  In our school systems, is equity measured by equal opportunity or equal outcomes? Today, Melvin speaks with Shelly Norden, an award-winning educator who became troubled with new teacher “deep equity” training and the following decline in student success.  Shelly says, “I was an award winning educator [2016 Teacher of the Year] in

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Podcast Ep. 13: “Detox Technology: How to Reset Your Brain and Energize Your Emotions” with Guest Brad Huddleston

Sleep deprivation, depression, and suicide rates all have one common root: screens and other technology. Today, Brad Huddleston concludes his interview about the dangers and advantages of technology with helpful tips on conquering digital use and turning it to our advantage. Brad is an internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher, and author

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Podcast Ep. 12: “Is Technology Hurting the Classroom?” with Guest Brad Huddleston

  The use of technology in education can be controversial. In today’s episode, Brad Huddleston shares his experience and research on minimizing the harm and maximizing the wealth of the digital age.  Brad is an internationally respected speaker, consultant, teacher, and author on the topic of digital addiction. Click here to watch the full

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