Podcast Ep. 33 “The Righteous Fight for Education Improvement ” With Guest Ian Prior

America’s education system is in a nosedive. Critical race theory, gender ideology, and weak educational philosophies are taking their toll on today’s generation of children.  The state of education didn’t get this way overnight. And it won’t improve overnight—but those who commit to making change will see it, little by little. That’s what Ian

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Podcast Ep. 32 “Are Schools Spending Your Money Wisely?” With Guest Ted Lamb

When it comes to school budgets, where does all the money go? Today’s guest, Ted Lamb, tells us about constricting federal policies that funnel funds from the classroom and into unnecessary things. But, as a school board member, Ted has had a front-row opportunity to speak out against poor spending. Follow along with today’s

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Podcast Ep. 31 “Are Schools Training Kids To Be Weak?” With Guest Ted Lamb

Are schools training kids to be weak-minded? Ted Lamb—a high school history teacher—has noticed many declines in the school system throughout his 20+ year career. The purposeful formation of strong-minded students has suffered over the years, causing kids to suffer as a consequence. Ted isn’t letting this stop him from giving his students a

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