Virginia Community Steeped in Controversy Over Talk of An After School Satan Club

The town of Chesapeake, Virginia has recently been embroiled in controversy over the potential arrival of an after-school Satanist club in an elementary school. Yesterday, though, concerned citizens and parents got to express their opinions at the Chesapeake School Board meeting for the arrival of the club at B.M. Williams Primary School. Board members listened

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Parent Group Reveals that Millions of Dollars are Funneled to Public Schools to Promote Equity Concepts

Some of the most influential philanthropic organizations in the world are giving millions of dollars to promote harmful concepts in public schools, according to recently published findings by a parent group. Parents Defending Education (PDE) conducted an investigation to discover the influence that five major philanthropic organizations have over promoting concepts like radical race and

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Should Race Be Considered As Part of College Admissions? Supreme Court Hears New Cases

Colleges have a list of factors when considering applicants—should race be one of them? While the Supreme Court precedent has been “yes” to that question for several decades—the Court recently decided to revisit affirmative action in regard to race in college admissions. Based on the Court’s conservative majority, many speculate that most or all

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Student Test Scores Hit Record Lows After The Pandemic

Student test scores experienced the largest-ever decline in math along with alarmingly low levels in reading, according to a recent study released by the U.S. Department of Education. The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), also known as the Nation’s Report Card, provided the most in-depth look so far into how students fared after the

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