Loudoun County School Board Member Resigns In the Thick of Recall Efforts

Amidst a storm of controversies, Loudoun County school board member Beth Barts announced her resignation via social media on Friday. "Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from the Loudoun County School Board effective November 2, 2021,” Barts wrote on Facebook. “This was not an easy decision or a decision made in haste. After

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Schools Are Spying on Students’ Online Activity

Students and teachers in over a dozen Atlanta public schools on Wednesday were surprised and excited to hear that they were receiving free laptops. The program is part of Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, which equips students and teachers of participating schools with laptops, WXIA-TV reports. "The [Verizon Innovative Learning Schools] program provides free devices, internet

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All California Students Must be Vaccinated to Attend In-Person Classes

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on Friday that students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to go to school in person. NPR reports that public school and private school students in grades 7-12, or ages 12-17, are expected to be vaccinated starting July 1, 2022, to attend classes. Religious and personal beliefs along with medical conditions

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Faculty Prayer Ban Doesn’t Stop Tennessee High School Football Team from Praying

Tennessee high school football player Elijah Burgess knew he had to lead his team in prayer on the field after the game on Friday night. It didn’t matter that his school, Upperman High School, just banned teachers and coaches from initiating prayer with students. "They told us to not pray, so I had to do

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Debates Arise as States Remove Standardized Tests

States are remodeling standardized testing as part of graduation requirements. Could this mean that standardized tests are on their way out of education? One of those states is Oregon, which back in June passed a bill that suspended its Essential Skills graduation requirements for high school students for 2022, 2023, and 2024. For Oregon, the

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School Staff Cancels Student-led 9/11 Tribute, Claiming It Could be Offensive

The red, white, and blue theme for a September 10 high school football game was canceled by school staff out of concern that some may find such a theme “racially insensitive.” To many Americans, what could have been a touching moment of student-led patriotism turned into a disappointing occasion for students at Eastlake High School

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Private Religious Schools Aren’t Safe from Enforced LGBTQ Policies

A federal judge ruled this past Friday that a gay substitute teacher was unjustly fired by a Roman Catholic School in North Carolina because he shared he was going to marry his same-sex partner on social media in 2014. U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn ruled that Charlotte Catholic High School and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese

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Should Children Learn that Islamic Terrorists Were to Blame for 9/11?

Update on September 7, 2021: It has been brought to our attention that the VA Department of Education put out a statement that the views presented in Amaarah DeCuir's lecture do not necessarily represent those of the VA Department of Education. We have updated this post and our social media posts accordingly. The lecture seems

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Event recap: Real change happens when parents act

“Now is the time...to be engaged and be active with your children. Because at the end of the day, that’s where we’re going to see things changing,” says Michelle Lynch, a wife, mother, and Functional Health Practitioner from Salem, Virginia. Last Thursday, the Noah Webster Educational Foundation facilitated a conversation between parents and students on

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