Rethinking Black History and Black Futures: With Sheila Qualls

Today’s narrative of systemic racism is an insult to the black Americans who lived through the Jim Crow South. At least, that’s how Sheila Qualls sees it.  Her father, born at the end of the 1920s, experienced the brunt of prejudice leading up to the Civil Rights movement. He was intimately familiar with the

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If you're like us here at the NWEF office, we love grabbing a good audiobook or podcast to take along on the work commutes, grocery store runs, road trips, and around-the-house activities that keep us busy. That's why we've launched not one, but TWO podcasts to help you stay current with

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Is America’s Education Model Outdated? With Paul Lott

Spoken word artist Prince Ea showed his audience a photo comparison of two classrooms: one from 150 years ago and one from the present day. Interestingly enough, the photos are almost identical, except one’s in color.  In his compelling speech, Prince Ea reveals that our education system is modeled after Industrial revolution ideas—a model originally

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What Will Happen if America Doesn’t Improve STEM Education?

Does your student ever complain about their math homework? Groaning and pouting, they might even add, “I’ll never use this in real life.”  Sadly, many American students have been led to believe that statement is true. Due to outsourcing of skill and manufacturing over the last 40 years, the American education system has discouraged

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