How Art Education Cured a Struggling Student

Anytime a child is struggling in school, they aren’t the only ones who experience feelings of frustration, hopelessness, and discouragement. You, the parent, probably do too. You’ve tried everything you know to help your child succeed. You’ve tried that great tutor you heard about. Maybe you bought a book on how to help students through

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Pain in the School Budget: Why More Funding Isn’t Always the Answer

Why do schools fail? A quick answer might be, “Well, they didn’t have enough money.” That’s true, money is a big issue for many schools. But, it’s not necessarily a lack of money that causes schools to fail. Most of the time, there are other underlying problems that force a

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How to Influence Public Schools: An Interview with Robbie and Rachel England

Today, NWEF is pleased to interview Robbie and Rachel England. The Englands are an accomplished husband-wife team living in rural Pennsylvania, with passions that focus on faith and family. In 1996, Rachel graduated from the College of William and Mary with her Masters in Special Education. After college, she taught in a private school

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Schools Don’t Fail Because of Racism: An Interview with Paul Lott

Today’s interview guest is Paul Lott. Lott is the founder of the National Society for the Advancement of Black Americans (NSABA), an organization that focuses on how issues like education and Critical Race Theory impact black, urban poverty clusters. Lott is also a veteran, the former president of the Harvard Black Alumni Society, and

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Disrupting the Government’s Hold on Education: An Interview with Terrye Seckinger

Terrye Seckinger is a woman of vast accomplishment. She has compassionately served the state of South Carolina in the realms of politics and education over the last three decades. To name a few of her career successes, she co-founded Clemson’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes, was part of the Founding Parent Committee of Palmetto Christian

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Fixing the Childhood Dilemma: An Interview with Debe Terhar

In today’s interview, we meet former early childhood educator and Ohio State School Board President Debe Terhar.  Terhar graduated from Xavier University with a B.A and B.S. in Montessori Early Childhood Education. She went on to teach at the Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati. Throughout her career in education, she has served on

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Imbalanced Policies and Government Agendas: An Interview with Senator Steve Newman

Steve Newman has been serving Virginia as a politician since 1988. When he first entered government, he was 23 years old and became the youngest-ever elected representative to serve on the Lynchburg City Council. His career in politics has placed him in multiple offices since then. He was elected to the Virginia State Senate

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