What Does a School Superintendent Do?

“Our students have limitless potential, and it is our job to give them the support they need to achieve their dreams. We take the responsibility very seriously, but it is not a job we can do alone. I know that, if we can create strong partnerships with our parents and families, we can make sure that each

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Pros and Cons of Teacher Certifications

Recently, President Biden dipped his toe into the icy waters of controversy with an executive order “encouraging the Federal Trade Commission to ban ‘unnecessary occupational licensing restrictions,’” says Education Next.  President Biden called the current state of affairs “overly burdensome occupational licensing requirements” and suggested that they create unfavorable conditions for some workers, including teachers,

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National Assessment Data Shows Alarming Trend

By Dr. Karen Hiltz -- Have you ever watched a “man on the street” segment where a news person goes on the street to ask passers-by a question about American history or shows them pictures of current elected officials or past Presidents?  Well, if you haven’t seen one, you should.  They are quite entertaining.

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