Podcast Ep. 60 “Rural Schools: Small Classrooms, Big Results” With Guest Robert Mitchell

Rural schools are often tiny—sometimes with only a dozen students per school—but they produce some of the most brilliant kids in America. Do small classrooms and close-knit communities offer something big public schools could never offer? Our guest today, Robert Mitchell, is a rural school teacher and college professor. In his small Colorado school,

Podcast Ep. 59 “Arizona Leads the Way in Personalized Education” With Guest Jenny Clark

Are accessible school choice options actually practical? Or, for that matter, even possible? Jenny Clark is—first and foremost—a mom. But she’s also the founder of Love Your School, a non-profit in Arizona that empowers parents and educators to make choices about the education plan that works for them and their kids. Today on The

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Podcast Ep. 58 “Charter School Education: Giving Parents Back Their Role ” With Guest Nina Rees

Want to claim your place as the one responsible for your kid’s education? Charter schools help you do that. Today on The State of Education with Melvin Adams, we’re once again talking with Nina Rees, president of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Nina has had a lot of experience in education, but

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Podcast Ep. 52 “Restoring History & Social Studies In Our Schools” With Guest Jillian Balow

Is history dead? Or is it an important key to the future success of our children and country? Recently, Virginia’s Board of Education decided to revise the history and social study standards for public school students. This generated both praise and backlash, and Jillian Balow, our guest today on The State of Education, is

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