Standardized Testing: Is the U.S. Out of Touch?

Standardized testing in America’s education system is a topic that can raise both eyebrows and blood pressure. We Americans are renowned worldwide for our strong opinions, and issues touching on our children’s education tend to bring out our most passionate viewpoints.  Standardized tests have been around for centuries, often thought to go as far back

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Podcast Ep. 31 “Are Schools Training Kids To Be Weak?” With Guest Ted Lamb

Are schools training kids to be weak-minded? Ted Lamb—a high school history teacher—has noticed many declines in the school system throughout his 20+ year career. The purposeful formation of strong-minded students has suffered over the years, causing kids to suffer as a consequence. Ted isn’t letting this stop him from giving his students a

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Recent Data Shows Student Achievement Gaps Following the Pandemic Across the Country

New reports have confirmed what several educators warned about and what many parents were afraid of: students suffered significant learning loss during the school shutdowns from COVID-19, and the long-term consequences on students remain to be seen. The Center on Reinventing Public Education (CRPE) just updated information on their studies that sought to discover how

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Do Private School Teachers Actually Have More Freedom?

Being a teacher in today’s world is undeniably challenging. More and more teachers are being fired because they got “caught in the culture wars,” says The Washington Post. On top of all the duties involved with having a classroom full of children to teach and nurture, teachers are pressured by government-run unions to teach things

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The Growth of Microschools

Have you wondered if education could look different? We all know that alternative options exist. Homeschools, charter schools, magnet schools, religious schools, language immersion schools, and the list goes on and on.  But, the bottom line is that these alternatives aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Post-Covid, thousands of families have safety concerns regarding bigger schools

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