Noah Webster: The Founding Father of American Education

Over the next several posts via a series of vignettes, I will introduce several influential educators in American history. Some of these individuals have familiar names while others, though important, have long been forgotten. Considering the foundational role Noah Webster played in early American education, and that he serves as the namesake of Noah

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National Assessment Data Shows Alarming Trend

By Dr. Karen Hiltz -- Have you ever watched a “man on the street” segment where a news person goes on the street to ask passers-by a question about American history or shows them pictures of current elected officials or past Presidents?  Well, if you haven’t seen one, you should.  They are quite entertaining.

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Who Was Hurt the Most by Virginia’s Education Decisions During COVID?

By Willie Deutsch -- COVID resulted in significant academic upheaval for students.  The end of the 2019-2020 school year was utter chaos as schools had to change how they operated overnight. However, the 2020-2021 school year was one the state and school divisions had months to plan for.  But instead of a plan, many

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Illogical Theory with Rhetoric That’s Void of Common Sense

By Dr. Karen Hiltz -- It’s an understatement to say the divisiveness of Critical Race Theory (CRT) continues. Those who oppose it are labeled as racist, bigots, anti-truth, white supremacists, and more. Those who embrace this theory believe it’s necessary in order to teach history, truth, and facts.  How can you determine what’s right?

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Opinion: The Tyranny of Feelings

Joseph Stringer is a concerned citizen who submitted this letter to his local Virginia newspaper and shared it with NWEF. He believes that the current approach to children experiencing gender confusion is unethical and abusive to the very children it claims to protect. An author and thinker, Stringer writes on cultural issues impacting families and

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Teachers Make Too Much Money

Note: This guest post was originally published on December 16, 2020, by Thomas McCracken, Ed.D, on his blog Heart to Pen.  Weekends and summers off! That sounds too good to be true. That sentiment seems to flow smoothly off many tongues in today’s climate, but has it ever been challenged? Consider this: while darkness still prevails in

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