Congress Holds a Hearing Over School Book “Banning”

The process of challenging school library books has reached all new heights as some members of Congress met to discuss the potential implications of pulling books off the shelves. Last Thursday, to commemorate National Library Week, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held a three-hour hearing to discuss the

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Education Is Becoming More of a Church Than a School

Separation of church and state. Mention that phrase on any Facebook comment thread, turn on any news network, whisper "put God back in schools" in the grocery store aisle—and whoosh! Swarms of liberal and conservative political die-hards will descend, armed with their interpretations. But what does separation of church and state really mean? Popular

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The Lasting Impact of Strong Leadership with Ron Nehring

In this special edition of the State of Education with Melvin Adams, Melvin and guest co-host Shelbie Slater share highlights from NWEF’s recent School Board Summit. We also hear a snippet of Melvin’s interview on the Learn Right school board campaign podcast with host Ron Nehring as they discuss common obstacles for school board members.

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What Does a School Superintendent Do?

“Our students have limitless potential, and it is our job to give them the support they need to achieve their dreams. We take the responsibility very seriously, but it is not a job we can do alone. I know that, if we can create strong partnerships with our parents and families, we can make sure that each

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