The History of Special Education

Raising a child with special education needs is both challenging and rewarding. Each child is unique and requires an individualized strategy to help them succeed in a cookie-cutter educational climate. America’s history with special education is relatively short, but our country has come a long way in this area.  Today, there are more students with

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Podcast Ep. 37 “Big Challenges In Small Places: Helping Rural Communities Rebuild After COVID” With Guest Bill Outlaw

How do you rebuild after something so life-changing as the COVID-19 pandemic? Schools everywhere are struggling after COVID, some more than others and each with their own struggles. Rural school districts have completely different needs than suburban or city districts. Bill Outlaw, school board member in Nottoway county, VA, shares about the needs and

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Standardized Testing: Is the U.S. Out of Touch?

Standardized testing in America’s education system is a topic that can raise both eyebrows and blood pressure. We Americans are renowned worldwide for our strong opinions, and issues touching on our children’s education tend to bring out our most passionate viewpoints.  Standardized tests have been around for centuries, often thought to go as far back

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