Podcast Ep. 41 “An Inside Look Into Educational Policy & Those Who Make It” With Guest Steve Newman

Do you care if your child gets a quality education? Senator Steve Newman cares too. But there are education bureaucrats infiltrating the state governments who don’t. The strength of a company lies with the quality of its leadership. Steve Newman learned this first hand while serving in the Virginia Senate and other elected positions,

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Should Race Be Considered As Part of College Admissions? Supreme Court Hears New Cases

Colleges have a list of factors when considering applicants—should race be one of them? While the Supreme Court precedent has been “yes” to that question for several decades—the Court recently decided to revisit affirmative action in regard to race in college admissions. Based on the Court’s conservative majority, many speculate that most or all of

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Domestic Violence: How Does It Affect Schools, Students, and Teachers?

Did you know that it’s estimated that 1 in 15 children are exposed to domestic violence every year?  According to Futures Without Violence, “15.5 million U.S. children live in families in which partner violence occurred at least once in the past year.” Domestic violence shelters house many children who are in serious danger of witnessing

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Podcast Episode 39: “Teaching The Whole Child: A Look at the Montessori Method” With Guest Debe Terhar

What is the true purpose of education? A look at the Montessori Method may give us a hint. Today, Melvin’s guest on The State of Education, Debe Terhar, shares about the holistic nature of education—and each child’s need to be taught that every facet of their life matters. As a mother, the former Ohio

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