New “Disinformation Czar” Accuses Parents of Spreading Disinformation Over CRT in Schools

The woman set to lead the Department of Homeland Security’s new Disinformation Governance Board accused angry parents at school board meetings of being “disinformers” who are “weaponizing” issues for “profit.” As Nina Jankowicz has become the controversial pick for President Biden’s new “disinformation czar,” comments recently surfaced from a speech she gave back in October 2021.

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President Biden Tells Teachers that Students are “Like Yours” in the Classroom

At the White House on Wednesday, President Biden told a group of teachers that students are “like yours” when they’re in the classroom. During the annual National and State Teachers of the Year award ceremony held at the White House, the President talked about the heroic work of teachers. But the reason they were teachers

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Entire Loudoun County School Board Could Be Booted with Virginia Governor Youngkin’s Proposal

Advocating for parents’ rights in school, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin recently amended a bill to require an early election for Loudoun County’s school board. Initially, the bill forced all nine members to have elections in November 2023, with four members serving four-year terms and the other five members serving two-year terms. But Youngkin believes the

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Congress Holds a Hearing Over School Book “Banning”

The process of challenging school library books has reached all new heights as some members of Congress met to discuss the potential implications of pulling books off the shelves. Last Thursday, to commemorate National Library Week, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Subcommittee on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties held a three-hour hearing to discuss the

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Education Is Becoming More of a Church Than a School

Separation of church and state. Mention that phrase on any Facebook comment thread, turn on any news network, whisper "put God back in schools" in the grocery store aisle—and whoosh! Swarms of liberal and conservative political die-hards will descend, armed with their interpretations. But what does separation of church and state really mean? Popular culture

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