Schools Ignore Youngkin’s Executive Order To Give Virginia Parents Opt-Out for Masks

Several Virginia public schools were quick to push back against Glenn Youngkin’s executive order issued on Saturday allowing parents to opt out of school mask mandates for their children. Not long after Glenn Youngkin was sworn in as Virginia’s 74th governor, he signed nine executive orders, Richmond Times-Dispatch reports. One of those orders gave parents

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The Scoop on Your State’s School Board

“State boards of education are among the last bastions of civil discourse in the country. By and large, board members engage in complex discussions about policy without a lot of partisan drama.”  Robert Hull, NASBE President, and CEO   Public education is a gigantic tree with a tremendous number of large, heavy branches. Each of

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Pros and Cons of Free Lunch Programs

“If a child eats hot lunch at school every day, they’re having approximately 180 meals out of the year at their educational institution.” Dr. Axe   School meals. For many people, these two words bring apathy, if not downright discomfort. Soggy vegetables, wilted salads, and some kind of unidentifiable slosh called “gravy” come to mind. 

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