School Systems Sue Major Social Media Companies for Their Impact on the Youth Mental Health Crisis

Is social media to blame for the youth mental health crisis? Several school systems across the U.S. would say so, which is why they’ve recently sued a number of social media companies for being a key contributor to the growing student mental health issue. The lawsuits began in January with Seattle Public Schools. Now, other

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Universal School Choice Program Expected to Become Law in Arkansas

Arkansas parents are expected to soon be able to choose the best education possible for their children through Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ new education reform bill that’s predicted to become law. Newly-elected Sanders, who has declared education to be her “top priority,” was ecstatic to see her bill move quickly through the Arkansas legislature. The

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Podcast Ep. 53 “How to Get Academic Freedom without Defunding” With Guest Matt Beienburg

Should public schools have a monopoly on education or should there be some healthy competition thrown in? This is a question that’s been debated for years! Competition almost always increases the quality of products. And it’s no different with education. Some see school choice as a nefarious attempt to defund public schools. Others see

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Nonprofit Accuses FL Governor DeSantis’ DOE of Spreading “Misinformation” Over AP African American Studies Course

The College Board just broke their silence after their Advanced Placement African American Studies course was rejected by Florida’s Department of Education for violating state law due to its “woke” curriculum. To "set the record straight" and address the "misinformation" about the proposed Advanced Placement (AP) course, the College Board released a statement Saturday claiming

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Podcast Ep. 52 “Restoring History & Social Studies In Our Schools” With Guest Jillian Balow

Is history dead? Or is it an important key to the future success of our children and country? Recently, Virginia’s Board of Education decided to revise the history and social study standards for public school students. This generated both praise and backlash, and Jillian Balow, our guest today on The State of Education, is

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