Do Public School Teachers Have Religious Freedom?

The typical American teacher works 2,000 hours a year, according to Education Week. And only about half of that time is spent on classroom instruction.  Apart from instruction, teachers spend a huge amount of time prepping for lessons and getting involved in the lives of students inside and outside the classroom. Educators carry the massive

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Event Recap! A Crisis of Faith: How to Navigate Religion in Education

What is faith? What is morality? Are the two completely separate from each other, or are they dependent upon one another?  Kenyon Knapp, dean of the School of Behavioral Sciences at Liberty University and practicing counselor says, “Faith is that you believe in something and morality is the way you live it out.” In that

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3 Steps to Having a Productive Disagreement

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, legislator, or activist, you probably know this: the topic of education opens doors for disagreement. And navigating those disagreements is not exactly a piece of cake. When it comes to exchanging words with someone who holds a different opinion from you, do you shy away, or lean in? It’s easy

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How Can Public Schools Improve Religious Education?

America’s freedom of religion has attracted many faiths to grow in the US, leading to massive diversity throughout the country. And for most families across the U.S. who have children enrolled in public school, the matter of religious education quickly becomes complicated. “The First Amendment reads in part: Congress shall make no law respecting an

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Faculty Prayer Ban Doesn’t Stop Tennessee High School Football Team from Praying

Tennessee high school football player Elijah Burgess knew he had to lead his team in prayer on the field after the game on Friday night. It didn’t matter that his school, Upperman High School, just banned teachers and coaches from initiating prayer with students. "They told us to not pray, so I had to do

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School Staff Cancels Student-led 9/11 Tribute, Claiming It Could be Offensive

The red, white, and blue theme for a September 10 high school football game was canceled by school staff out of concern that some may find such a theme “racially insensitive.” To many Americans, what could have been a touching moment of student-led patriotism turned into a disappointing occasion for students at Eastlake High School

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