Do Private School Teachers Actually Have More Freedom?

Being a teacher in today’s world is undeniably challenging. More and more teachers are being fired because they got “caught in the culture wars,” says The Washington Post. On top of all the duties involved with having a classroom full of children to teach and nurture, teachers are pressured by government-run unions to teach things

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Supreme Court Rules That Ex-Football Coach’s First Amendment Rights Were Violated

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that a former Washington state public high school football coach’s First Amendment rights were violated when the school asked him to stop praying on the field after games.  Former coach Joseph Kennedy regularly took a knee after games to pray, which started as a personal move, but then players

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Supreme Court to Decide on Ex-Football Coach’s Right to Pray on the Field

On Monday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over a case involving a former Washington state public high school football coach who refused to stop holding postgame prayers on the field. In the case, Kennedy v. Bremerton School District, former coach Joseph Kennedy believes that the district violated his First Amendment rights by asking him

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Education Is Becoming More of a Church Than a School

Separation of church and state. Mention that phrase on any Facebook comment thread, turn on any news network, whisper "put God back in schools" in the grocery store aisle—and whoosh! Swarms of liberal and conservative political die-hards will descend, armed with their interpretations. But what does separation of church and state really mean? Popular

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