3 Steps to Having a Productive Disagreement

Whether you’re a teacher, parent, legislator, or activist, you probably know this: the topic of education opens doors for disagreement. And navigating those disagreements is not exactly a piece of cake. When it comes to exchanging words with someone who holds a different opinion from you, do you shy away, or lean in? It’s easy

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How Can Public Schools Improve Religious Education?

America’s freedom of religion has attracted many faiths to grow in the US, leading to massive diversity throughout the country. And for most families across the U.S. who have children enrolled in public school, the matter of religious education quickly becomes complicated. “The First Amendment reads in part: Congress shall make no law respecting an

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Opinion: The Tyranny of Feelings

Joseph Stringer is a concerned citizen who submitted this letter to his local Virginia newspaper and shared it with NWEF. He believes that the current approach to children experiencing gender confusion is unethical and abusive to the very children it claims to protect. An author and thinker, Stringer writes on cultural issues impacting families and

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Inescapably Religious: Why Ignoring Character Training in School Doesn’t Work

Whatever happened to faith and morality in American education? Here at the Noah Webster Educational Foundation, our fourth core principle is faith and morality.  We believe faith and morality are essential elements for character development, human flourishing, and civil society. Not only are these principles an integral part of America’s history and culture, but denying

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