For the Love of Reading: Do Children Need Fancy Reading Corners to be Interested in Reading?

Have you ever passed by your child’s bedroom or playroom and noticed them twisted into some uncomfortable position on the floor reading a book? Thoroughly engrossed (and extraordinarily flexible) they aren’t even aware of how uncomfortable they are. They simply want to know what happens in the story next.  Although some children might prefer twisting

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Parent Group Reveals that Millions of Dollars are Funneled to Public Schools to Promote Equity Concepts

Some of the most influential philanthropic organizations in the world are giving millions of dollars to promote harmful concepts in public schools, according to recently published findings by a parent group. Parents Defending Education (PDE) conducted an investigation to discover the influence that five major philanthropic organizations have over promoting concepts like radical race and

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Podcast Ep. 37 “Big Challenges In Small Places: Helping Rural Communities Rebuild After COVID” With Guest Bill Outlaw

How do you rebuild after something so life-changing as the COVID-19 pandemic? Schools everywhere are struggling after COVID, some more than others and each with their own struggles. Rural school districts have completely different needs than suburban or city districts. Bill Outlaw, school board member in Nottoway county, VA, shares about the needs and

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