Schools Feeling the Pain at the Pump

Recent gas prices are soaring to record levels, panicking schools across the country. Georgia State Superintendent Richard Woods requested that the Biden Administration allow schools to use COVID-19 relief funds to cover the rising gas prices. According to one school superintendent, Kenneth Dyer, the current fuel prices are something school districts have never seen before.

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The Great Teacher Salary Debate

My mother was a teacher. She taught first-graders for several years and enjoyed it. She even included her first-graders in her wedding, a choice she has never seemed to regret. Now, many years later, she still talks happily about her students. She was a resourceful and determined teacher. After leaving her school, she taught us

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Pros and Cons of Free Lunch Programs

“If a child eats hot lunch at school every day, they’re having approximately 180 meals out of the year at their educational institution.” Dr. Axe   School meals. For many people, these two words bring apathy, if not downright discomfort. Soggy vegetables, wilted salads, and some kind of unidentifiable slosh called “gravy” come to mind. 

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Schools Crippled By National Supply Chain Shortage

The national supply chain shortage has been tough on many organizations this year—and it’s worse than just the expected delayed arrival of Christmas presents. Our nation’s schools have been hit particularly hard as they struggle to bring in basic necessities like food for students. In many school cafeterias, the meals students end up eating weren’t

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Schools Are Spying on Students’ Online Activity

Students and teachers in over a dozen Atlanta public schools on Wednesday were surprised and excited to hear that they were receiving free laptops. The program is part of Verizon Innovative Learning Schools, which equips students and teachers of participating schools with laptops, WXIA-TV reports. "The [Verizon Innovative Learning Schools] program provides free devices, internet

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