Podcast Ep. 60 “Rural Schools: Small Classrooms, Big Results” With Guest Robert Mitchell

Rural schools are often tiny—sometimes with only a dozen students per school—but they produce some of the most brilliant kids in America. Do small classrooms and close-knit communities offer something big public schools could never offer? Our guest today, Robert Mitchell, is a rural school teacher and college professor. In his small Colorado school,

Is Teaching Wearing You Out? How to Take Better Care of Yourself This Year

All teachers know how stressful the classroom can be. What’s really difficult is knowing what to do about it. It’s 2023, and you’re probably wondering how you can start taking better care of yourself. With all the work and stress that teaching brings, especially in today’s world, it’s no wonder you’re a little tired

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Podcast Ep. 52 “Restoring History & Social Studies In Our Schools” With Guest Jillian Balow

Is history dead? Or is it an important key to the future success of our children and country? Recently, Virginia’s Board of Education decided to revise the history and social study standards for public school students. This generated both praise and backlash, and Jillian Balow, our guest today on The State of Education, is

5 Reasons to Run for School Board

The local school board.  For many Americans, this body of policymakers is somewhat mysterious, with an ill-defined purpose and a vague connection to local schools. What exactly does a school board do, anyway? And an even more critical question: Why should any ordinary citizen run for a position on the school board? Well, you’ve come

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Top Resources For School Board Members

It’s no secret that school boards matter, and that’s why we need good school board members like YOU! Local school boards effect change in powerful ways by using their familiarity with the environ to directly affect students in their area. Balancing differing viewpoints, challenging political landscapes, and complex issues, make this role challenging. Nevertheless,

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Top Resources For Teachers

Hey teachers! We appreciate all you do - from early morning set-up to days full of snotty noses and constant questions to late nights full of grading. Teachers, you face a lot of challenges now too not just with balancing responsibilities but also with today's ever-shifting environment. How can you teach kids most effectively

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