As a parent, you navigate a busy life taking care of your family. There’s the hustle to get your kids to school in the morning and then to get them prepped for the next day—and all the tasks and commitments in between. 

You don’t take your parent status lightly as you nurture the children under your care. And time is precious.

Yet here we are encouraging you to attend your local school board meeting. 

Filling up yet another slot in your schedule better be worth your already valuable time, right? Why should you bother with attending these meetings? Didn’t you do enough at the polls by electing your school board representative? (In some localities, school board members are elected.)

5 Reasons why parents should attend school board meetings

Here are five reasons why school board meetings deserve a place in your schedule:

1. Accountability is invaluable.

There’s something to be said about accountability: it encourages responsibility. Positive changes can happen when parents hold their school board members accountable. Your presence alone can remind them of who they represent. They don’t get to make their decisions in a vacuum.

2. Your voice matters.

By attending these meetings, you’ll be better equipped to discuss school issues and make your voice heard. Having a voice matters. Don’t forget that you can speak up during the public comment period. 

3. You’ll stay informed.

When you regularly attend school board meetings, you’ll have a better idea of what discussions are on the table and what decisions are being made for your child. 

Additionally, you’ll understand the decision-making process and how school board meetings work to serve the community.

4. You’ll get to know your school board members.

At these meetings, you get to connect a face to the name and see how your school board member’s ethics play out as they navigate these meetings. You’ll see firsthand how they make use of their vote on issues that matter. 

5. You’ll have an impact on the future of your school.

When you are involved in your local school board meetings, you play a part in the school’s trajectory. This, in turn, impacts the future of your community. 

Some issues become so big that parents have created petitions, written letters to the local newspaper editor, or rallied other parents to speak up at public meetings. By being informed and keeping others accountable, through proper means, you can change your school’s future.

It’s about your child’s education

At the end of the day, it all boils down to caring about your child’s education. We get it. You do care, and you’re strapped for time. Consider taking turns with other parents to ensure there’s a parent presence at these meetings, if that’s what it takes. 

Don’t forget that many meetings are currently taking place online as a result of the pandemic. While you’re working on that pasta dinner, you can listen in on the meetings. 

Are you concerned about the direction of your local school system?

The Noah Webster Educational Foundation seeks to help parents bring solutions and improvements to their schools. We hope you’ll take the time to learn more and help make the change we’re all looking for. Learn more today.