Podcast Ep. 63 “Meet Virginia’s School Board Member Alliance” With Guests Sherri Story and Cheryl Facciani

Did you know that one school board association has monopolized Virginia for the past 116 years? Well, a group of people decided that should change. Today on The State of Education, Melvin talks to Sherri Story and Cheryl Facciani, who are part of the team behind Virginia’s new School Board Member Alliance. Sherri and

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How to Attend Your First School Board Meeting

While clashes between school boards and parents have been getting a lot of national news coverage over the last couple of years, school boards simply aren’t one of the highlighted governing bodies in our political system.  School board elections aren’t typically exciting races with wide-scale fanfare and media coverage. The bottom line is that, even

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Podcast Ep. 62 “Can Local School Boards Win Back Education?” With Guest Veronica Gemma

Listen in on part two of our conversation with Veronica Gemma! Are America’s school boards too far gone? Are we fighting a losing battle? Veronica Gemma has faced it all: discouragement, accusations, and pushback from her community and local school board colleagues. But she wanted transparency, so she decided to step up and challenge

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New Title IX Proposals By Biden Administration Could Protect Transgender Students in Women’s Sports

Title IX is getting some proposed changes again—and this time, it’s the Biden administration’s attempt to dismantle state bans on transgender students participating in women’s sports. On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Education announced a proposal that would prohibit states from enacting “one-size-fits-all” bans on transgender students participating on sports teams that coincide with their

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