Noah Webster: The Founding Father of American Education

Over the next several posts via a series of vignettes, I will introduce several influential educators in American history. Some of these individuals have familiar names while others, though important, have long been forgotten. Considering the foundational role Noah Webster played in early American education, and that he serves as the namesake of Noah

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For the Love of Reading: Do Children Need Fancy Reading Corners to be Interested in Reading?

Have you ever passed by your child’s bedroom or playroom and noticed them twisted into some uncomfortable position on the floor reading a book? Thoroughly engrossed (and extraordinarily flexible) they aren’t even aware of how uncomfortable they are. They simply want to know what happens in the story next.  Although some children might prefer twisting

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5 Reasons to Run for School Board

The local school board.  For many Americans, this body of policymakers is somewhat mysterious, with an ill-defined purpose and a vague connection to local schools. What exactly does a school board do, anyway? And an even more critical question: Why should any ordinary citizen run for a position on the school board? Well, you’ve come

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