NY Times Survey of 362 School Counselors Show Concerning Trends in Student Mental Health

School counselors across the U.S. are seeing alarming behaviors in students due to a mental health crisis, according to a recent survey published by The New York Times. In an April survey conducted by the Times, 362 school counselors from the American School Counselor Association were asked about students’ mental health. Of those surveyed, 94%

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Podcast Ep. 17 “The Secret Danger of Soft Bigotry” with Guest Marquell Moorer

On today’s episode, Melvin interviews Marquell Moorer, who was recently elected to his local school board in April 2022. Marquell shares how he struggled in the school system as a child and how his struggles continued upon entering college. He believes lowering education standards is a dangerous form of “soft bigotry” which promotes the

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The History of Christian Schools

It was the fall of 1945.  A young marine cautiously stepped into the sunlight. After months of recovery, Kye was finally leaving the USMC hospital. His young bride smiled and squeezed his hand, reminding him that they could face anything together. He’d survived Iwo Jima and returned to her. It was time to start

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The Surprising History of Autodidacticism

Non-traditional forms of education have gained popularity in the past few decades. A rise in homeschooling, unschooling, and online tutoring makes it obvious that many parents are thinking outside the box of public schooling to advance their children’s education.  With this comes a rise in autodidacticism in children. Dictionary.com defines autodidacticism as “the process or

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