4 Alternatives to Standardized Testing

Debates surrounding standardized testing cite a long list of positives and negatives. Proponents of standardized testing tout benefits like uniformity, ease of comparison, accountability, and charting of individual progress. Opponents suggest more holistic ways to measure students’ abilities and progress. At the end of the day, no one is trying to handicap students. Each

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Podcast Ep. 10: “Heroes of Change: Speaking Up” with Guest Tom McCracken

How do we eradicate bullying?  Guest Tom McCracken answers this question with a ringing call to action after delving into the place of faith in the classroom, school curriculum, and the heroism of teachers in spite of overwhelming obstacles. Listen to today’s podcast episode on The State of Education with Melvin Adams. Pastor Tom

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High School Students in This Colorado District Will No Longer Receive Valedictorian Awards

Some Colorado parents were upset to learn that their school district plans to eliminate valedictorian awards. According to local station FOX 31 Denver KDVR, the Cherry Creek School District in Colorado recently wrote a letter telling parents that class rank no longer coincides with the district’s values. Beginning 2026, valedictorian rankings will be gone.

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Have you followed our new podcasts?

Did you know that the Noah Webster Educational Foundation has not one, but TWO new podcasts?  Every Monday, we bring you a new episode of The State of Education with Melvin Adams, a talk-show-style podcast designed to take you behind the scenes of American education. Our host Melvin interviews experts across the country about

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Schools Feeling the Pain at the Pump

Recent gas prices are soaring to record levels, panicking schools across the country. Georgia State Superintendent Richard Woods requested that the Biden Administration allow schools to use COVID-19 relief funds to cover the rising gas prices. According to one school superintendent, Kenneth Dyer, the current fuel prices are something school districts have never seen before.

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