School Staff Cancels Student-led 9/11 Tribute, Claiming It Could be Offensive

The red, white, and blue theme for a September 10 high school football game was canceled by school staff out of concern that some may find such a theme “racially insensitive.” To many Americans, what could have been a touching moment of student-led patriotism turned into a disappointing occasion for students at Eastlake High School

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One Controversial Way You Can Influence Local Education: With Willie Deutsch

This is Part 2 of a series of interviews with Willie Deutsch. Click here to read Part 1. -- Ah, yes. The inner workings of schools and the government.  It’s not at the top of most people’s list of fascinating conversation topics. But if you’re a parent or another concerned member of the community, that

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Private Religious Schools Aren’t Safe from Enforced LGBTQ Policies

A federal judge ruled this past Friday that a gay substitute teacher was unjustly fired by a Roman Catholic School in North Carolina because he shared he was going to marry his same-sex partner on social media in 2014. U.S. District Judge Max Cogburn ruled that Charlotte Catholic High School and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese

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Illogical Theory with Rhetoric That’s Void of Common Sense

By Dr. Karen Hiltz -- It’s an understatement to say the divisiveness of Critical Race Theory (CRT) continues. Those who oppose it are labeled as racist, bigots, anti-truth, white supremacists, and more. Those who embrace this theory believe it’s necessary in order to teach history, truth, and facts.  How can you determine what’s right? Let’s

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Behind the Scenes of Public School Spending and Budgets: With Willie Deutsch

Have you ever wondered how many of your hard-earned tax dollars go into the public school system?  Or maybe you’re curious about how schools create their budgets. Perhaps you’ve heard some horror stories about schools wasting money and have even felt a bit hopeless.  Does anyone care about keeping schools financially accountable?  Today, we

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