Podcast Episode 56 “Building a Smart Future: How to Succeed without a College Degree” with guest Gary Feazell

Today we meet Gary Feazell, a Virginia resident who owns and leads a Top 500 Class A construction company that serves the Roanoke, Lynchburg, Smith Mountain Lake, and New River Valley areas.  When Feazell was 11 years old, his dad passed away. His older brother stepped up to be the guiding beacon for his

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Virginia Department of Education Implements Transgender-Inclusive Policies

The Virginia Department of Education has made some recent changes to statewide public school policies to be more inclusive for transgender and non-binary students. You can download the full pdf of the new policies here. NBC 12, a local station in Richmond, Virginia, shares some of these policies. They include “Schools shall allow students to

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Inescapably Religious: Why Ignoring Character Training in School Doesn’t Work

Whatever happened to faith and morality in American education? Here at the Noah Webster Educational Foundation, our fourth core principle is faith and morality.  We believe faith and morality are essential elements for character development, human flourishing, and civil society. Not only are these principles an integral part of America’s history and culture, but

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STEM, Immigration, and Smart Asian Kids with Vinson Palathingal

In today's interview, we meet Vinson Xavier Palathingal, a resident of Fairfax County, Virginia for over 22 years. Originally from Kochi in Kerala State, India, Vinson is a serial entrepreneur, Asian-American community leader, and a free-market advocate. He earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering while living in India. Later, he immigrated to the

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Controversy Erupts over Teaching Juneteenth in Schools

President Biden signed a bill this past Thursday, June 17th, to establish June 19th as Juneteenth National Independence Day.  Lohud., part of the USA Today Network, shares that some school districts in New York City commemorated the new federal holiday by closing on Friday, June 18th. Other school districts like Yonkers remained open. They encouraged

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3 Ways to Improve Government Involvement in Education

From local schoolboards to the Department of Education, the government is involved in every aspect of public schools.  However, governments like the United States do not simply fund education out of the goodness of their hearts. Education provides invaluable results to governments. The most significant of these results is strong economies. Employing 6,704,281 people in

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An Interview with Yesli Vega

Yesli Vega is a military wife, mother, former police officer, and Prince William County Sheriff’s Deputy who has dedicated her life to public service. Born to immigrants from El Salvador, she learned principles of hard work, integrity, and personal faith from her parents. She is a graduate of American Military University and the Northern

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Will $20 Billion Fix Discrepancies in Low-Income School Districts?

The "Education for the Disadvantaged" Plan The Biden Administration has introduced a $20 billion plan aimed at curbing the national funding disparity between wealthy and poor school districts. The New York Times reports that the program would assist high-poverty school districts. States will receive more funding if they can demonstrate that they’ve taken steps to

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