School Choice & Children of the Military

This week of Veterans Day, we gratefully remember America’s soldiers, those who continue to heroically serve for our safety and freedom.  How can we thank them? While there is nothing that will totally repay the debt we owe, there is one area that could certainly be improved, both in memory of those lost and

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Tom McCracken Interview

Pastor Tom McCracken is a military veteran, pastor, and educator who lives in Virginia's Roanoke Valley with his wife Laurie. His education roles have included GED instructor, teacher and substitute teacher, school district anti-bullying consultant, and school board member. A lover of learning, Tom holds bachelor's degrees in management and marketing, a seminary degree, three

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Dr. Karen Hiltz Interview

For this week's interview, we talked with Dr. Karen Hiltz. She is a Navy veteran, had a career in Federal Procurement, taught business courses at the college level, served on private and public school boards, and has published many articles and two books on education. She has worked with several education nonprofits to help

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Governor DeSantis signs Florida’s expanded school choice legislation

“A great education is the passport to the American Dream, and in Florida, we have decided that the zip code you live in and the income of your parents should not determine your future. I am so grateful to my colleagues and the Governor for guaranteeing that opportunity to all of our children by passing

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A Quick Start Guide To Running For School Board

Are you frustrated with your child’s public school? Do you feel like the school could use some major changes?  Have you ever considered that YOU might be the person to make those changes? Before you think you’re not cut out for that, we’re here to tell you that you (yes, you!) can make those

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How Legislation Drives School Choice

By Dr. Karen Hiltz -- Have you ever wondered how school choice programs are created? Is choice really something that American families desire? How come some states offer a range of options while others offer virtually none? Why does the mere mention of school choice produce anger and hostility between advocates and opponents? For

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